What is Flapp?

Flapp is the token of both the present and the future: an ecosystem for developers and users that facilitates the use and creation of blockchain based dapps (decentralised applications).

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Flapp Token


Flapp offers a constantly growing ecosystem that has been designed for non-blockchain developers as well as internet users. The platform is intended to be accessible by all people, regardless of having prior experience in the blockchain space, and thus ease of access was at the forefront of the developers minds during the planning phase.


The Flapp ecosystem will offer all kinds of different solutions and utilities so that developers, companies and cryptocurrency enthusiasts can make use of blockchain technology hassle free. No previous advanced knowledge will be necessary.


Flapp will continue to develop different dapps (decentralised applications) that act as Proof-of-Concept for the facilities offered. These will be part of the Flapp ecosystem and will be used by the users of the chain, with Flapp being the native token.


In some facilities, utilities and dapps, additional functionalities will be offered in exchange for a small commission. This commission, among other revenue streams, is used to offer rewards to both Flapp and Flama holders!


The expenses that derive from the equipment, the development and the maintenance of the infrastructure for the Flapp ecosystem will be covered thanks to the earnings from commissions - the rest of the profits will be used for rewards!

Road Map

Flapp has been intentionally designed to make life easier for application developers who need to use certain capabilities of decentralized programming. The team have found a way of offering a solution to this problem without the need for prior knowledge of blockchain technology. The user experience of Flapp will be simple, convenient and attainable for the user.

Uploader Release
DeFi application release and community voting
Main-Net creation begins
Development and publishing of a total of 12 different decentralised applications

Token Distribution

Here you can see how the Flapp token has been distributed:

Airdrop for Flama Holders: 13.000.000

Initial Presale: 20.000.000

Uniswap Liquidity: 20.000.000

Funds for dApps rewads, airdrops, marketing and development (Locked for apps release): 420.000.000



Flapp has a well-defined and consolidated team of professionals, we are proud of them and they have a limitless depth of knowledge and experience between them.

Antonio Fernández
Founder & CEO
Jose Manuel Vázquez
Co-Founder & CTO
Pedro André Miranda
Radhey Shyam
Alejandro Regojo
Project Advisor
Mandy Abdel-Karim
Head of Marketing
Juan Muñoz
Marc Rodriguez
Blockchain Developer
Vicente Viscasillas
Uncle Scr00ge
Community Manager